PIXILAB Code of Conduct

PIXILAB Technologies AB ("PIXILAB") provides software and services for media-rich experiences in public spaces, corporate showrooms, museums, exhibitions and other arenas where people get together. PIXILAB strives to provide customers with best possible guidance around installations and products. Accordingly, PIXILAB ensures that goods and services are produced under sustainable and responsible conditions, as further outlined here.

Respect for human rights

PIXILAB has a responsibility to respect and promote human rights, within our own business as well as in the supply chain.

Health and safety in the work environment

Employees working in PIXILAB’s operations are offered a safe and healthy work environment where preventive measures to minimize damage and health risks are taken.

No child labor, slavery or forced labor

In accordance with the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) conventions, PIXILAB will not participate in, or benefit from, the use of child labor, slavery or any other form of forced labor.

No discrimination or harassment

PIXILAB promotes diversity and equal opportunities in its operations. Discrimination on grounds of ethnicity, gender, pregnancy, religion, social origin, nationality, disability, political opinion or sexual orientation may not occur. No employee may be subjected to harsh or inhumane treatment, including sexual harassment or any form of mental or physical punishment.

Working hours and compensation

Wages shall be paid directly to the employee at the agreed time and in full, and may in no case pay less than the nationally/locally stated minimum wage.

Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

PIXILAB acknowledges and respects employees’ rights to freedom of association and the right to negotiate collectively as stipulated in relevant laws and ILO conventions.


PIXILAB conducts its business with respect to the environment and complies with local and national environmental legislation.

Anti-corruption and business ethical requirements

PIXILAB does not accept any form of corruption. PIXILAB conducts its business in accordance with applicable bribery legislation and by applying thorough accounting procedures.

Conflict zones

PIXILAB ensures that no business is done in any way that supports war, conflict, drug trade or slave trade. This also includes the use of conflict minerals.